Florence Miailhe

Where she calls home: France

Fluid frame techniques: Gouache on glass, pastel under-the-camera, sand

Fluid frame films: Hamman (1992), Schéhérazade (1995), Les oiseaux blancs, les oiseaux noirs (2002), Conte de quartier (2006), Matières à rêver (2008), Méandres (2013)

Conte de quartier par Florence Miailhe, Office national du film du Canada

Florence Miailhe anime l’affiche du Festival d’Annecy 2015.

Florence Miailhe dimanche d’aout.

Production Tidbit: For Méandres , there were three directors. There were a few shots composited computer but very little. Sometimes we integrated the animated characters on top of the landscape photographed beforehand. When the hands are visible on the screen, we worked on two overhead projector and filmed the projected image on the wall.

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