Maryam Kashkoolina

Where She Calls Home: Tehran, Iran

Fluid Frame Technique: Sand

Production tidbits: My film When I was a Child is about the fears that parent instill inside their child in favor of safety. These fears turn into a spiritual disturbance in many of them or cause phobias and make them grow into reclusive adults. Actually, my film addresses the young parents and some parts of this film were inspired by my own memories of childhood. I tried to make it less scary by adding small gags but still I think some part of it might be scary for children to watch.

When I Was a Child
When I Was a Child – Maryam Kashkoolinia (2014)

Tunnel  is my first film of a trilogy about difficult subjects. I was really concerned and obsessed about this subject, but because it`s controversial and I`m not in a place to judge the wrong or right of this circumstance. I just tried to turn the story that I’ve heard and seen in internet into a script for animation without any siding and romanticizing. I even tried to avoid a tough, prosaic environment by adding fun in some parts to the serious story.

That's Mine - Maryam Kashkoolinia (2014)
That’s Mine – Maryam Kashkoolinia (2015)

My second film of this trilogy, That`s Mine, is about the left over mines after wars and danger that threaten children and women. In this film, I also tried to show this hard subject through an indirect story without any sentimentalism.

Now I am working on the third part of the trilogy.

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