Sheila Sofian

Where she calls home: Los Angeles, California, USA

Fluid frame technique: Tempera paint on Plexiglas

Fluid frame films: Mangia! (1985), Survivors (1997), Conversation with Haris (2001), TruthHas Fallen (2013)

ProTip: Sometimes the animation starts to take over and it starts to suggest things to you. So you go, “Well, I’ll try that because that looks kind of interesting.” You don’t have to use everything you shoot, so just allow some time for the paint to tell you what to do next. And don’t be afraid of embracing accidents because sometimes those are the coolest things that can happen.

Find out more:

A Conversation with Haris from Sheila M. Sofian on Vimeo.

Mangia! from Sheila M. Sofian on Vimeo.


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