Table of Contents

Ishu Patel working on Moondust
Ishu Patel working on Moondust


Introduction: The Experimental Frame of Mind

Dirty Fingers in the Digital World


1. Finding Your Voice: The Experimental Frame of Mind in the History of Animation

Starting the Journey

The Image Stuck in Your Mind

Telling the Story
2. Lights! Camera! Animation!

Setting Up Your Studio for Under-the-Camera Animation


The Camera

Frame Capture

Additional Advice


3. A Foundation for Excellence

Art that Moves

Basic Principles of Animated Movement

Established Aesthetics

The Digital Toolbox


4. Animating With Sand and Other Powders

Notable Pioneers in Powder Animation

Setting Up the Sandy Studio

Exploring the Technique

Planning a Longer Sand Project

Compositing 101

Adding Color

Combining Sand with Other Animation Techniques


5. The Transforming Painting

Notable Pioneers in Painted Animation

Working with Materials

Setting Up the Studio

Digital Approaches to Paint-on-Glass

Green Screen

Breaking the Glass: Exploring 3D Possibilities

Additional Exercises


6. Clay Painting and Beyond

Notable Pioneers in Clay Painting

The Clay Painter’s Studio

Moving Beyond the Materials


7. Beyond the Frame

Sound Design and Music

Digital Output

Getting the Film Out

A Final Word


Appendix A: Case Studies

Loving Vincent

Truth Has Fallen


Appendix B: Artists’ Profiles